WUBBLE BUBBLE Explosion! POPPING The Ball That Looks Like a Bubble!

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Today we are trying out the Amazing Wubble Bubble Ball! It says it looks like a bubble and plays like a ball!

Package description:

The only original Wubble(TM) bubble ball! Looks like a bubble, plays like a ball!
Provides incredible, active play indoors or outside!
Wubble(TM) giant ball inflates up to 3 FEET in just 2 MINUTES!
Inflatable bubble ball includes battery operated pump and new easy-fill nozzle.
Covered by an unconditional replacement guarantee.

So first we made the mistake of buying the Wubble Bubble without the pump. You WILL need a pump of some sort to blow this up. You will not be able to use your lungs alone!

So we picked up another ball that came with the battery operated pump. That pump takes 4 D batteries. The pump started out fine and inflated one of our balls. But it wasn’t powerful enough to blow up the second one. Solution: Get a lot of batteries or get a pump with more power! We got a 12V pump that we hooked up to the car and it worked a lot better.

The Wubble Bubble is made out of a stretchy rubbery material (similar to Mash’Ems). The material is a lot thicker than a normal balloon. But once you inflate it to it’s full size, it can pop the same way any balloon would.

If you’re going to be rough with the ball, the trick is to not inflate it as much and it remains a lot more durable. The kids were able to bounce, kick, catch, through, sit on, jump on, lie on the bubble without it popping. However, having a grown adult launch it like a discus in the Summer Olympics did not fair well for our squishy friend, It didn’t do much better after using it as a cushion between to colliding parents.

The lifetime guarantee is nice. However, you have to pay $6.99 for shipping/handling in order to get a replacement (package says it could take up to 10 weeks for it to arrive).

BOTTOM LINE: Under-inflate, keep away from sharp objects, and crazy adults and your kids might be able to enjoy it for more than a day.

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