The Sims 2 DS Playthrough 100% | Part 15 | Finale

Greetings, one and all to the Sims 2, on the Original DS! Using the DeSmuME emulator to finally get round to playing this nostalgic game! Join me on the adventure to strangetown, where nothing can go wrong! or will it?

This playthrough will be an attempted 100% run through, though I can’t promise anything with how weird this game is on terms of having a locked time matched to my PC, and such. But I’ll certainly do my best! If you like the video, please do leave a like and comment as it encourages me to know what you guys like!

Thanks to HimeGriffin for the awesome background! Check out her art here,


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41 thoughts on “The Sims 2 DS Playthrough 100% | Part 15 | Finale”

  1. I remember this game , I Completed it like 2 times but restarted it sooo many times. I honestly don’t know how I was able to keep up and complete it I was only like 8🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. I know I am really late to this walkthrough but I love this game. I have beat the game 4 times, have one account with max money and an estimated 500 hours on the game. Such a great time killer when I was younger. Picked it back up a week ago and am almost about to beat it again. I have vanquished way to many aliens and caught far to many goons and robots……

  3. Got this game expected a traditional sims game when I was a kid. I was disappointed originally but it turned into a top 5 DS game for me. It was so weird, like a fever dream but had a certain charm.

  4. I forgot how…strange…this game was

    A hotel manager fights evil robots in a rat suit in the middle of the desert with no houses yet there are people living there…

    They made this when they were high I just know it

  5. this game had a full ass cult that i never got to discover, how to i get that cave in the basment gaurded by the torches??

  6. I can’t get passed the satellite part. Every time I go to optimum Alfred I keep getting the same message that he’ll be in the sun deck no matter what time I go to him or how many times I never get the mole guy to pop up

  7. Help!! After I hacked the elevator, my DS screen went black. And it’s making a weird glitchy noise. But there’s nothing wrong with my DS!

    Edit: Ok I turned my DS off, then tried again. This time it didn’t glitch. I was worried the game was gonna be stuck at this point, because I’ve had the pocket glitch on my previous save slot, where whenever I open the pockets, the game crashes. 😬

  8. I can’t finish this as there’s a glitch where the robots glitch and get stuck in the water. They gang up so you can’t bust them it’s bs:(
    2) This game creeped me out when I was little. I remember Honest Jackson just disappearing out the game? Apparently I read online he’s locked into the cow shed.

  9. I remember beating this game when i was a kid. Great game coz i remember being super thrilled about it lol. The robots were hard to beat but the rat costume sure comes in handy

  10. I got this game when I was a little kid.. I have never finished it because I was so afraid of the robots and aliens.. especially when they started to run hahah. It is very interesting to see how it real ends.. I have never expected an ending like this but it’s very cool tbh. (Sorry if I have grammar mistakes, English is not my mother tongue)

  11. I remember playing this game years ago but I never got to finish it. I always wondered what the ending would look like and here it is lol.

  12. just curious have you though about a lets play of the sims 1 making an magic yet? cause I got more info to tell about it. hope you look at this. and if ya did thanks! 🙂


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