The Sims 2 DS Playthrough 100% | Part 12 | Bovine Shrine

Greetings, one and all to the Sims 2, on the Original DS! Using the DeSmuME emulator to finally get round to playing this nostalgic game! Join me on the adventure to strangetown, where nothing can go wrong! or will it?

This playthrough will be an attempted 100% run through, though I can’t promise anything with how weird this game is on terms of having a locked time matched to my PC, and such. But I’ll certainly do my best! If you like the video, please do leave a like and comment as it encourages me to know what you guys like!

Thanks to HimeGriffin for the awesome background! Check out her art here,


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10 thoughts on “The Sims 2 DS Playthrough 100% | Part 12 | Bovine Shrine”

  1. I think my game glitched, and Ava never asked me for the eggplant lipstick. I’m currently stuck and was wondering if you had any tips or tricks to help?

  2. I'm on your channel marathon, your voice are very soothing 🙂 i played the sims 2 when I'm in 8th grade, brings back memories 🙂

  3. You should try the PSP version of the sims 2! It was very different, Also really enjoying your sims 2 ds series so nostalgic 👊🏻!

  4. Hi I found your channel yesterday and I love it. I love your bustin out gameplay and wondered if you could do more of those where you left out. Again love your content. Keep up the good work.


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