THE NEW QUEEN IN TOWN! | The Kiss List | Episode #1

Today we are reading the first part of “The Kiss List” on the Episode app!



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32 thoughts on “THE NEW QUEEN IN TOWN! | The Kiss List | Episode #1”

  1. I wonder what would happen if we lose The K*ss List..?
    Like, nobody loses it.
    I know nobody would want to lose but like, I'm genuinely curious. 😂

  2. Where are the real people in these comments, only bots as I see. Regardless, the only site that workes for me is Gamecrook.

  3. You should do another episode I finished it's called "Me and two bad boys" or "Blood Lust" is good "Me and two bad boys" gave a heart attack that I needed to text my friends.🤣😂

  4. I love your vids, but for the last time girl.. you have MAGENTA hair. Not PURPLE. it just makes me wanna die when you say purple hair


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