SUPER Wubble Bubble Ball Strongest Ever Made!

SUPER Wubble Bubble Ball Strongest Ever Made! Thanks to NSI International for letting me check this out on video. I put this through a couple of tests including dropping a bowling ball on it, closing it my garage door and even intentionally popping a hole in it and using their patch kit. My Wubble Bubble held up to everything, even with the hole it still worked great!

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Super Wubble Bubble in six colors – Boing Blue, Go Gree, Power Pink, Red Rox – NSI International

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35 thoughts on “SUPER Wubble Bubble Ball Strongest Ever Made!”

  1. Honestly these things are garbage. The one I purchased lasted one day, the patch was useless. After patching it, the thing fell off a few minutes later re-inflating it, I guess due to the bouncing etc. As for the pump, it reached the size of a basketball before it lost power unable to inflate any bigger. The LED light only flashes for 20 seconds before you have to press the button again therefore constantly putting wear on the bubble in the same location where ironically is where the thing sprung a leak/hole.

  2. I have the same kind and it took me almost a month I got it for Christmas and it January 16 and I'm blowing it up with my mouth something's wrong with my pump


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