Spider Fighting?! (Kaka Fighting) 거미싸움? 필리핀 이색문화!

Have you heard about spider fighting (kaka fighting)?

Apparently it exists only in 3 countries in the world, Singapore, Japan, and the Philippines. And in the Philippines, spider fighting has been around more than cock fighting (Sabong actually came from Spain) though cock fighting seems more popular and involves bigger money. In fact, spider fighting and cock fighting are a lot similar in many ways; the way they find opponents, the way they bet money, the way they treat their fighters (?), and the way they are passionate about.

So DB had to check out spider fighting cause you know that we’re Pusong Pinoy. 🙂 This is our way of engaging with locals, embracing Filipino culture, and having fun at the same time.

Don’t you wanna know how much money we made? Then, watch it till the end!

Salamat 🙂

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