Sacred Sword Princesses : First Impresssions

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The ambitious Mistress of the Night is seeking to devour the kingdom of Midgardia. Created by the Moon Goddess Mani, this magnificent land is inhabited solely by women.

You were summoned by the Goddess herself in order to protect this virgin land. Together with the Vessels of the Goddess Mani, you shall defeat the legion of the Beast and liberate this world!

Train your Vessels, bind them to your will, and unlock the sacred force hidden inside them!
Wielder of the Sacred Sword! It is time to save Midgardia from its impending doom, all in the name of the Goddess!


If you are looking for high quality gameplay, look no further!

Key Features
Fascinating and expansive setting! Complex and playful storylines!
Powerful antagonists and Empresses from twelve Empires await your conquer!

30+ Collectible Live 2D Characters, pick and create the perfect combination for your needs!
Manage Elements, Classes and Attack Type and bring strategy into your battles!

• 30+ Collectible Live Characters, all free to play!
• More than 50hr of gameplay and storyline
• Customize your team and forge equipment
• PVP, Co-op Battles available


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44 thoughts on “Sacred Sword Princesses : First Impresssions”

  1. Empire of Angels: Lunar Phantism I believe is the original version of the game without the adult content. Also believe the stories are different as well and can't remember if the original had male characters or not. Just putting it out there in case you wanna try out the original version. But the original version no llonger provides updates anymore I believe.

  2. Nutaku gacha games are garbage, sadly. I would be glad to play some actually good adult gacha (or least sexy enough, on the level of Destiny Child), but their games are just bad. Super limited, barebone mechanics and clusterfuck of art. Kanpani Girls was only game that I actually find interesting (for it's time at least), but it was closed down (it still alive in JP I believe)

  3. If there’s no Boy character that has a relationship with a girl. This game won’t fit my criteria then

  4. Hahahaha so fun… I still have my account over there… I think it was the time when goddess kiss was brand new that I got excited with the Goddess Kiss X rated game… The N version was more cash grabby than usual, but it had its rewards XD

  5. I bet all people here who don't know nutaku will go there and will try many their game, fg make your player increase lucky nutaku

  6. This game was originally on the google play store under a different name but didnt do well and teamed up with nutaku and became sacred sword princess. Weird to see it back in the play store after all this time.

  7. Play Crusaders Quest. It is in it 5th anniversary with ongoing Collaboration with The Rising of a Shield Hero.

  8. I played this before it got axed after a few months by Nutaku (aka Hentai Mobile EA) and it was so horribly P2W that I couldn't stand to play more than a few days of it.
    Nutaku is a garbage company and anything they touch turns to shit, so I'm gonna skip this one.

  9. Degenerates and weebs well like nutaku……until they realize how shitty the company is and go to the dark side…….DMM

  10. Okay, I just found the biggest surprise I have had in a while. The uncensored version of this game is available on steam. WHAT?!?!?

  11. I've tried countless hero collector games. but Kings Raid is still my all time favorite. Epic Seven could have been good but there quality of life feature is so poor, and Gate Six could've been my soul mate game but it's dead now, so yeah, back to king's raid i guess xD


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