RESET Windows 10 password, No software used. Do it like a pro!

Link: You can try PassFab 4WinKey (  to remove and reset Windows user/admin password easily, no need reinstall system

Setting up an office network:
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Let’s Reset any windows 10 forgotten password, without using any software, pure skill only. Have fun and enjoy!!!
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If this trick does not work for you, Check my video on how to reset a forgotten password using LIVE CD HBCD bootable device!:
Completely remove viruses from your computer:

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32 thoughts on “RESET Windows 10 password, No software used. Do it like a pro!”

  1. so what if its asking you for the password of the account thats signed into the laptop. i dont know the password

  2. Amazing! I tried this and it works. I didn’t get it on the first try tho. I had to repeat everything until i got it all right. Thank you so much!

  3. I looked threw my computer and never found the ( utilman) word, is there something else? The closest thing on it is (utilid ll.dll), Now will that work? I’m running a windows 10 on a all in one Dell desk top, please let me know , thank you.

  4. I thought this was going to be my solution. However, I can't boot to the Windows login at all. So I did everything up to changing the CMD prompt file but I have to go back to the diagnosis process but I don't have option to enter ease of access. Is there any help besides downloading an ISO Windows 10 file?

  5. This doesn't work, the C: drive (or OS volume) isn't accessible using this method, there is some fuckery going on in this video.

  6. Hi thanks for sharing this video. But after returning the original names of the files I lost all my password in chrome. Why did it happen like that??

  7. Worked for me; cheers brother! – After reading a few comments however; when the video tells you to restart your computer so many times, HOLD SHIFT whilst restarting ^_^ Other than that great job man.


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