PS2 Longplay [010] Casper: Spirit Dimensions

Released on Sept. 30th, 2001. Please give the video a like! Time codes are below.

0:01:52 – Intro
0:08:24 – Knight’s Home: Collecting armour
0:16:45 – Knight’s Home: Kill the archers
0:22:00 – Knight’s Home: Thieves’ Wood
0:27:22 – Knight’s Home: Snowy Town
0:33:19 – Knight’s Home: Wizard Tower
0:39:45 – Knight’s Home: Dragon’s Cave [BOSS]
0:44:20 – Vlad’s Amusement Park: Cannon pieces
0:51:22 – Vlad’s Amusement Park: Big Top
1:02:03 – Vlad’s Amusement Park: Fun House [BOSS]
1:09:03 – Monster Maker: Power switch
1:19:37 – Monster Maker: Refinery
1:29:48 – Monster Maker: Doctor Deranged [BOSS]
1:36:06 – The Spirit Dimension: Ghost Ship
1:43:23 – The Spirit Dimension: Kibosh’s Castle
1:48:04 – The Spirit Dimension: Kibosh’s Castle Interior
1:59:36 – The Spirit Dimension: Kibosh’s Lair [FINAL BOSS]
2:13:13 – Ending
2:15:48 – Credits

– Thanks for watching!


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22 thoughts on “PS2 Longplay [010] Casper: Spirit Dimensions”

  1. Omg are you kidding me in the maze I thought u had to kill the dude to go on and I stifled so hard to try an find the end . OMG the memories ❤️

  2. Kibosh's ending text was sort of lame.

    They should have used these lines instead:

    "You may have won this time, Casper, but this isn't the end. I may have underestimated you once… But it won't happen next time. So celebrate for now and all you want, you small ghost. But when I find a way out of the Dark… you can rest assure of one thing: We will meet again, Capser the Friendly Ghost! *Evil Laugh"

  3. a remember that someone i invited to my birthday party got me this…. couldnt get past the first area. a while later i told him to fuck off.


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