Pistol Whip VR Is Cool AF

Pistol Whip VR has been one of my most anticipated virtual reality games since trying it out on the Oculus Quest back at Oculus Connect 6. Pistol Whip VR is an action packed rhythem game that makes you feel like John Wick! In this video, I play Pistol Whip on the Valve Index in mixed reality using LIV…

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01:56 – Pistol Whip mixed reality gameplay
11:04 – Pistol Whip first impressions

Pistol Whip VR is available for PCVR headsets on Steam;

Pistol Whip VR is available for Oculus Quest on the Oculus Store;

Pistol Whip VR is also available for Oculus Rift on the Oculus Store;

I recorded this mixed reality gameplay using LIV. Check out LIV on Steam;

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Let me know what you think of Pistol Whip VR in the comments, are you excited for this title? What headset do you plan to play it on?

Thanks for watching []-)

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44 thoughts on “Pistol Whip VR Is Cool AF”

  1. Just got the Quest, bought some games, of course, tried some demo's. While i own beatsaber and it's pretty awesome, i barely touched it since i got Pistol Whip, it's the game i keep going back to. You can actually change some settings before you start playing, 1 of them is "Dual Pistol" which isn't mentioned. (-10% points earned) So yeah, you can go go dual pistols and at the highest difficulties, you actually can't stand still long, you have to lean back, kneel etc to survive/kill the enemies. You start doing moves like in "Equilibrium" and the Matrix. Punching enemies also gives more points and is just damn cool.

  2. got a quest, feeling bored, Vr has not enough content for me, i finished half life on the link and other few good games and was thinking to sell it, then, i don't know why, maybe a last try, i bought this game and …. wow so fun, so refreshing, far better for me than beat saber… now thanks to this game iam happy to have a VR headset at home lol

  3. I got it on quest this wk & i love love love it, it's way more enjoyable than beat saber & omg what a workout. My body is aching all over lol sigh, compared to beat saber, which i think is overrated. I spent days deliberating which shooter game to buy & i definitely made the perfect choice. I like that i can dim the music volume, while enjoying the sound of the gun at 100%

  4. He's just shooting randomly with no rhythm at all and he's not failing or anything? How is this a rhythm game?

  5. Can't say it enough, I just like this much better when someone is not constantly shouting with high pitched voices playing these VR games. Thnx again

  6. This is one of the first games I show friends on my Quest. I think I should get a commission from Facebook for all the sets I've sold.

  7. If you think this game is not very fun to watch it is whole different experience in vr and is so fun

    Edit: definitely worth the $25 on the oculus store

  8. I guess nobody told you this is a rhythm action game. Having a shotgun or an assault rifle would make the rhythm matching impossible.

  9. Gun Kata VR 😀

    For real you make this look easy, it's not physiologically ideal to dual wield coz the brain can only handle one side at a time, or so I've read, but you're properly Wicking it up, I'm impressed


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