OYO Sports LA Kings NHL GAMETIME Hockey Rink Play Set Review by LUCAS WORLD

Lucas is reviewing LA Kings NHL GAMETIME HOCKEY RINK from Oyo Sports. The new NHL® Gametime Hockey Rink and smaller NHL® Backyard Hockey Rink bring the game of ice hockey to life by offering hands-on building and play experiences for kids to create game-action replays or new imaginative hockey moments. The OYO Sports NHL rinks will be developed for all 30 NHL teams.
The LA KINGS NHL® Gametime Hockey Rink brings the hockey arena experience to life through realistic rink features and the interactive functions of the buildable set. Designed with swinging Zamboni® doors for ice clearing, buildable goals, player benches and penalty boxes, and in-goal cameras, the rink replicates true game-action play. The NHL® LA KINGS Gametime Hockey Rink comes with a team player, goalie and hockey gear. The LA KINGS hockey rink has an authentic team logo at center ice and a 2-in-1 play surface with clear ice bricks for fast action skating and recreating your favorite plays. The rinks are available for purchase at OYOSports.com

About OYO Sports. Oyo Sports is the leading manufacturer of licensed sports minifigures across the major U.S. sports leagues, including MLB, NFL, NHL, MLS and over 60 colleges. OYO Sports minifigures look, act and play like your favorite major league players. Each minifigure has real life characteristics and traits of the athletes they portray, including player likeness, bendable knees, rotating forearms, and the ability to hold sporting equipment. OYO Sports make great gifts for any sports fan young and old!

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