Nintendo Took Over My Life! (Game Boy to Switch)

Game Boy, DS, 3DS, to Nintendo Switch, here are the consoles and games that have taken over my life! *wink* Giveaway video: 3DS XL IPS found on eBay. Don’t miss the Switch giveaway that I will launch soon by hitting the notification bell!
This is the custom painted Switch I am giving away! NOT SPONSORED.
Note: I will try to make these international. I will factor out some countries where it most likely won’t reach due to customs issues.
Some images used were found on eBay.


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49 thoughts on “Nintendo Took Over My Life! (Game Boy to Switch)”

  1. I held off on making game related videos until now because Nintendo has finally let up on their rules! Let the games begin!

  2. Oye amiga por qué no sorteas las consolas que no utilizas tanto o sea las que no te guste cómo la DS i o la 3DS

  3. my nintendo story is always when i go to my grandmas she lets me play on my aunts game boy advance and when the switch came out i was in love with it i gave up on the 2ds xl and 3ds and wanted the switch lite when it was my 10 birth day i got the switch lite i thought i would never get it one day my mom comes home from work and i tell her its ok mom you dont have to get it for me i might want the 2ds xl but the moment i stop talking about it she says dont worry the switch lite is on the way and i was jumping around every where when the package came i said (theres no way you got me it its a prank) and she said (you think a package would just come on this day when its your birth day) she opened it it was there every single piece of it ( i worked so hard trying to type this all and if you could heart this comment it would mean every thing to me thank you)

  4. dude i cant wait for my new Nintendo 3ds xl to arriveeeee
    watching your videos is actually helping me wait for it a lil more patiently lol

  5. My 1st gameboy was an SP playing pokemon fire red and i gotta say honestly i had the best childhood of my life i was always happy playing it when i was 8

  6. 1:43 that was my first handheld device I ever had but the cooler was black and right now I play in my switch

  7. I probably don’t have a Nintendo memory until 2019 my Switch is my first console That is real

  8. 6:16 Mario Kart 8 and SMP is The One I Already Have Later I will have SMM2

  9. Huh, My Hyrule new 3DS XL also is Dual IPS. I didn't specifically hunt for it or anything. I just happened to get it back in the day. Never really understood why people cared so much until I picked up the Black Friday new 3DS (the small one with black Mario face plates) and turned it on to see 2 TN panels after being used to IPS on my 3DS and nearly every other display in my life…now I get it.

  10. My start was a clear purple game boy that wouldn’t turn on after buying it, and then I got a red ds lite with Nintendogs. I also have a gameboy micro. Th same one you have

  11. (im 11 btw lol) I found a bunch of old consoles in my garage that my parents owned 🙂 I'm trying to get into ocarina of time 3ds, but im still waiting for my commision payments…. I'm addicted to punch out rn my mom had an untouched save file and I played it until 9 pm xD


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