My Life Handheld ◉‿◉

sorry for the speed up it was taking forever to do the set up but i hope you like it.
hello and thank you for watching this unboxing video. If you would like to see much more then why not help this channel grow by just subscribing, orrrr if you’re just to cool for that (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ then like and comment . Wanna know when i’m going to do an unboxing or something else just see the links down below and as always don’t forget to always OTAKU ON!!!

this toy is a vintage toy so its not really on the market anymore



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25 thoughts on “My Life Handheld ◉‿◉”

  1. Had one as a kid literally saved my money to buy it with all dollar bills, just bought one off eBay can’t wait to receive it.

  2. I wanted one but only if my best friend agreed to get one too, she didn't want one so I never ended up asking my parents for one. Highkey regret it lmao. This was like a decade ago

  3. I got this for my birthdat soooo long ago, it was 60 euroś back then, jeeeez I was obsessed with it tho.

  4. I used to have that game when I was younger, I have to say that I was obsessed with it and when they released the new version of it I was way older but still interested in it lol

  5. Some info I found out about the pet select screen: The artwork is taken from the Puppy in My Pocket and Kitty in My Pocket drawn by Vuduberi


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