LeapTV from LeapFrog Review

The LeapTV is a preschool video game console system from LeapFrog. Combining ease of use with educational and fun video games, the system is designed for kids ages 3 and up. For full review and shopping info ►

Product Info:
LeapTV from LeapFrog a console gaming system that combines the movement-driven games of a Microsoft Kinect or Nintendo Wii with traditional, controller-based games to deliver a wide variety of great gaming experiences designed specifically for preschoolers and that integrate video game play with basic skills reinforcement.

Out of the box, LeapTV comes with the console unit that plugs into the TV and has a WiFi connection, stand, camera for setting on top of the TV or in front of it, and all the cables you need to get it set up. (Be sure to look under the box platform to find all the cables.)

Speaking of which, we found setting it up to be very easy, and the WiFi connection was no problem. It’s simple to connect the controller, and then you’re ready to play. At launch there are more than 100 titles available, all of which have been developed and/or approved by the LeapFrog team of educators. Games are available as individual cartridges that can be plugged into the controller, or as apps that can be downloaded from the LeapFrog App Center.

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9 thoughts on “LeapTV from LeapFrog Review”

  1. You need that toy to play modern leapfrog toys(including Leapster Explorer and LeapPad Explorer)on the TV.

  2. do how do you set it up??? cause everything is connected, but the light around the console is not comin on!! so how do I know that I'm doing it right??are do you have to have internet for it to come on??


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