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This video was created to accompany Arthur’s WikiHow article on how to play boogie woogie piano. Read the Article here (there are also some transcripts of the other parts):

The official PDF SHEET MUSIC to the final part, “Let’s Boogie!” (6:09), can be downloaded here for $1.99:

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Arthur’s instructional book “How to Play Boogie Woogie Piano” is here at Amazon:

Hand independence relies on muscle memory. The length of time it takes a person to get something “automatic” can vary from 1 day to 6 months. It depends on how much time you spend repeating the motion. No different than learning how to drive a stick shift or tie your shoes or chew food or type on a computer keyboard. The more frequently you can repeat a motion, the sooner it will become automatic.
In this case you are trying to get your left hand/wrist/arm to remember to move up and down in a specific rhythm while alternating your top note.
If you put in a collective 20 min a day on just your left hand (meaning 5 min here 10 min there, etc… or 20 min all at once) for 2 weeks and you still don’t see any improvement I will be surprised.
You don’t even need to be at a piano to practice the repetitions of your left hand. Tap out the rhythms on your desk, alternating your top finger as you do so (i.e. index to thumb as I show in the video). Imagine yourself playing the piano as you do this. You can even do it on your lap as you’re sitting or stuck in traffic. Get creative. Teach your left hand the motion. You can do it. You learned how to walk. You can learn how to do this on piano.


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39 thoughts on “How to Play Boogie Woogie Piano – WikiHow”

  1. i have practiced this exact video for like 10 months. Thought it was impossible.

  2. I came here about a year ago (or more i don't remember how much time exactly) when I new NOTHING about piano, I've been practicing on and off and couldn't get past part 2, today I finally got to part 3, and maybe I still have a long way to go but I promise I WILL upload a video when i learn it!! I thought this was impossible, but I will learn it you'll see!!!!!

  3. can you diagram the chords? when you say F, I am looking for F, A, C or the inversion but I don't exactly see it. I am confused. I understood the C6 then I got lost.

  4. I’ve been playing the keyboard for 7 years and this did take 3 days to learn, but damn it’s so addictive

  5. I have 8 years of practice! And i made it to the end in about 3 days🙃 Easy clap! Thank you for the wonderful Instructions!

  6. I can play the piano like a crazy man..but just getting the left hand on this.its like my left hand is not smart..My right one is

  7. nice tutorial, but it would look stupid if I know only three variations
    once I find new variation for the first chord, is the new variation always fit for the other two chords in the 12bar blue scale?

  8. I've always been confused at the change in keys. I played it to a freind who plays jazz and he said to do 4 bars of the c, 2 bars of f, 2 bars of c, 1 bar of g, 1 bar of f and back to the start which is different to what I learned in the video.


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