GET WINDOWS 8.1 FREE 2019/2020

This video shows a COMPLETE guide on how to get Windows 8.1 from scratch for FREE!
This method will require you to have at least 8 GB of USB flash drive
No pesky windows hack tool downloads are included so this is 100% SAFE
Just follow the instructions correctly and you should have 0 problems

*The bonus step is optional and you are not required to do so*

Download Windows 8.1 Disc Image (ISO File)

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

ei.cfg (copy & paste)

activate.cmd (copy & paste)

Au5 – Crossroad (ft. Danyka Nadeau)
Julian Calor & Aiobahn – Time


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40 thoughts on “GET WINDOWS 8.1 FREE 2019/2020”

  1. sadly mine is acer nitro 5 and doesn't support legacy mode which is usb for the operation windows 10 sucks windows 8 is way faster

  2. After running the activate.cmd file I get this error, please help.

    @XeQT The connection to my KMS server failed! Trying to connect to another one…Please wait.

    Sorry ! Your version is not supported.

  3. Thank you so so soooo much!! After hours and hours of stress of trying to fix things and many many fails I finally was able to get it all done 😁

  4. I can’t get WiFi I’ve tried everything istg nothing has worked bruh I’ve been trying to fix this for hours I’m literally gonna cry

    I got it to work 🙂

  5. If it’s asking for a product key just go back and do the notes and copy and paste thing again that worked for me

  6. i followed the steps up to turn pc off, boot menu, usb, install select language but then asks for a product key :/, ive got the ei.cfg in my sources folder pls help

  7. Hello, where should we download the graphic drivers after installing 8.1? Does it depend on your laptop brand?

  8. Thank you so much after 2months i found ur video ur method worked i will recommend ur video to all my friends and family very easy and useful method


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