FREDDY FOLLOWED YOU HOME | Joy of Creation: Story Mode – Part 1

The Joy of Creation STORY MODE is finally here! Join me as we play one of the best Five Nights at Freddy’s fan games ever made!
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28 thoughts on “FREDDY FOLLOWED YOU HOME | Joy of Creation: Story Mode – Part 1”

  1. Freddy is uncle Paul that is lookin trough the window to get some of that video he needs if you know what im sayin

  2. I am not so sure if you now this but I am going too tell you something, in Fnaf sister location you are playing the character you are playing in fnaf 4, mike, This person as you have seen, got killed by golden or fredbear at the party. Mike is a robot now in the sister location thats way he cant die in their, and another thing is that when you have completed a night in fnaf 4, I dont know what night, but then if you go in to a room where you can see mangel, that room is the mikes sisters room, and where is mikes sister now, well she died by the robot called baby when mikes sister and baby was alone in a rom and then baby eated her I hope this was a little bit god information if you did not know.

  3. So, this kid can speak in full sentences but sleeps in a crib? hmm yes logikul
    ok wait dont the animatronics protect children? i'm referring to silver eyes tho

  4. Who else thinks that Freddy hates Mark?
    Think about all the times in FNAF 1 how many times he died to him and so fourth?

  5. Mark: I'm fubbernucked anyway so bring it on
    Mark: *Braces himself with his favourite finger*
    3 seconds later
    Mark: *Gets jump scared anyway*

  6. 6:08 there's a window right behind me
    6:21 there's a door pretty much right in front of me
    6:42 there's a closet right in front of me
    7:08 there's a bed right next to me
    HAHA I'm in danger 🙂


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