FastPitch: A Lean Six Sigma Business Game/Activity

Deliver powerful process improvement results when you register for our Green Belt Training & Certification:

FastPitch, a one-day interactive introduction to Lean Six Sigma, is a business game used by Fortune 1000 companies around the world to lay the groundwork towards hundreds of millions of dollars in increased revenue, decreased costs and improved collaboration.

Lean Six Sigma saves organizations of every size, in every industry from technology to health care to finance hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

However, Lean Six Sigma can be intimidating and expensive to introduce to your team.

Introducing FastPitch: it changes all of that!

With FastPitch, employees learn the basic concepts of Lean Six Sigma in a single day. FastPitch introduces your organization to process improvement while encouraging them to become green belts and black belts.

In a typical learning activity, people don’t usually remember lessons taught through lectures. With FastPitch, participants learn Process Improvement in an exciting and fun experience in a fraction of the time.

Dull, slow improvement initiatives can cost you time and money as well as lowered organizational engagement. FastPitch helps you quickly achieve buy-in across a broad spectrum of your organization, educating employees at all levels with practical skills they can use right away. FastPitch also helps you build team spirit and camaraderie by encouraging employees to work together and to have fun fixing a broken process.

So, what exactly is FastPitch, and how does it work?

FastPitch is a business game in the form of a one-day workshop that is used to explore and uncover the benefits of LSS. In FastPitch, you are simulating a Hollywood studio that is looking to green light and finance potential blockbusters.

You can play several exciting roles, including various studio employees, and producers who pitch their movies to the studio. During the course of three movie seasons, summer, holiday and oscars, the FP movie studio improves processes each season. To do this, participants study the data between seasons and then apply basic LSS concepts and tools, all while getting the chance to green light the biggest blockbusters and become Hollywood legends.

So, why should you use FastPitch?

First, FastPitch moves the organizational excellence needle in a single day.

Second, FastPitch can be combined with any improvement initiative, regardless of the stage, level, or spread.

Finally, FastPitch provides an immediate and powerful boost, wherever and whenever it’s used.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Lean Six Sigma initiative kick started by contacting today!


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