Dr Martens Collection | How to Style Docs

Here is my Dr Martens collection, review and how I currently style them! I loved Docs for a while; I got my first pair in 2012 and have slowly collected the rest over time (I think i’m addicted).

This video is a bit different from my usual, but just thought it would be fun to try a fashiony video despite my lack of style, but more travel videos are on there way!

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Shoes mentioned:

– Dr Marten Red 1460 8 Eye Cherry Red Smooth

– Dr Martens 1460 8 Eye Gaucho Crazy Horse

– Dr Martens 1461 3 Eye Black Smooth

– Dr Martens Vegan 1461 3 Eye Cherry Red Oxford Brush

– Dr Martens Vegan Jadon II Cherry Red Oxford Brush

– Dr Martens Polley Black Smooth

*Disclaimer: I no longer buy new leather Dr Martens*
Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases (this obsession has left me broke).

Recently I got the Dr Marten Vegan Jadons and did an unboxing if you want to check that out:

And if you got this far into the description let me know in the comments: what is your favourite type of potato? Mash? French fries?

And until next time, keep wandering!


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28 thoughts on “Dr Martens Collection | How to Style Docs”

  1. I had to have DR. Martens for school TwT and I am afraid to wear them because they are HEAVY AND UNCOMFORTABLE FOR MY FEET but the more I wear them, the more it’ll be comfortable hopefully 😬

  2. I found a "Polley" pair yesterday on Depop just my size- like they had just been there for me to buy them. Thanks for telling about the app!!!

  3. I love potatoes, mashed & French fries and every way I have ever had them. Potatoes are amazing and mostly good for you I imagine.

  4. Her: 60 bucks?! I dont think you can find that anywhere!

    Me, who got my MIE second-hand on ebay for 60ish: chuckles like a cheap bastard

  5. I got docs a few months ago, and my friend is really jealous! She wants to get the crazy horse- the brown ones you have I think..

  6. I am interested in the Mary Janes (with slip resistance) to wear for my bartending job and corporate office job. Do you think they would be comfortable for that? I feel like that style would suit both my jeans and work shirt for our bar uniform in the restaurant, and whenever I want to dress up in dresses/skirts or plaid bottoms for the corporate office. What do you recommend?

  7. I thought somebody else was in your room and you didn’t notice it until I realized it was your mirror 😂 lol I got scared

  8. First pair of dr martens were Lorna boots that I got for $20 at Ross. I love design and the double zipper but they were hard to style and then they just didn’t fit any more. Have the black 1460 boots in smooth letter that I put insoles in cause they’re 1/2 a size big. I love them but never run in them (made that mistake too many times). Have 2 pairs of hackney canvas boots. One with a grey rose/skull print (a size big but insoles fix that) and with in brown/red tones with the anarchy a pattern (got a good deal on them at Ross). Have a pair of Polly Pw Mary Janes . I love them but I still get heal blisters if I wear thin socks. I wear a lot a black clothes yet I still find the ones with the anarchy print the hardest to style

  9. i don't really have docs but the thumbnail and the editing looks soooo cool here i am watching this, and i currently like you pretty much 💖


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