Create USB installation media for Windows 8.1

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This video is for users that have purchased Windows 8.1 from the Store or Microsoft and would like to create a USB installation media drive.

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30 thoughts on “Create USB installation media for Windows 8.1”

  1. mine has 32 GB on it and when I try to install it says “download did not complete successfully” and I have no files on my usb someone please help I am trying to repair my dads laptop.

  2. I don't think this is possible anymore since you cannot download the windows 8.1 media creation tool anymore. any help? I can't manage to do it with the windows 10 media creation.

  3. I tried to download media creation but it says the file or directory not found when i click on download link. Is there another way for me to reinstall windows 8.1? Im going to windows 10 to windows 8.1. I already own a purchased windows 8.1 with serial code before i switched to windows 10.

  4. I was told i had to make my computer boot from my usb in my bios settings, is that unnecessary? Can i just do it like this?Please help.

  5. If I change my Hard Drive in my Laptop that came with Windows 8 from the manufacturer do I need another Product key or do I reinstall Windows 8 from a USB and will the computer use the same Product key from last time?

  6. Ive formatted my windows 8.1 because i wasnt able to get past the starting screen. And as it was a new lappy so i didnt made the recovery… Can this media creation thingy help me…… Help me on dis one n ill b telling each one of my friend to subscribe to u for getting help

  7. Hello I'm using Windows10 now and I'm planning to go back to windows 8.1, unfortunately my 1 month limitation expired.Can I use this method to go back to windows 8.1?

  8. Upgrading to windows 10 is the dumbest thing I've ever f*cking done.. I'm going to go back to windows 8.1 speaking of another dumb thing I'm using a xbox 360 usb to install a media LOL

  9. hi can someone instantly reply i have a 124gb usb and i just got it today and it doesnt work it says download did not complete successfully the download task did not complete server execution failed

  10. Whenever it finishes I get an error saying "download did not complete successfully. Object already exists" I've tried with two different flash drives two different sizes

  11. @123myIT Umm just a question, which product key do you need? A windows 8.1 product key or your old product key?

  12. i know this is an old video but if your ceating this for a diffrent pc, do you still need to enter the serial code on the pc where you are creating the usb, or do you need to enter it when your installing it on the new pc and when it asks for it?

  13. i download by this method for getting windows 10 
    copy this link to download windows 10 will download the mediacreation tool
    2.after u click open media tool it will take 5 min running in background to open. the windows 10 iso in it took 17 hrs to download my internet speed
    6.if any hep ask in reply box

  14. Quick question if i need to install windows to my laptop that's not working which means i cant access any programs or anything just windows installation will this fix that?

  15. @123myIT I keep getting this error, "Download did not complete successfully, the download task did not complete 'Server execution Failed' do you have any idea how to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated 😀

  16. I've bought a new pc, and will need to install windows via USB. I have the installation media for Windows 8.1 Pro. If i understand this right, the installation will start on the new PC, and it will eventually ask for a product key for Windows 8.1 Pro. I would really appreciate answers if this is how it works.

  17. Hi,
    When I open up the media creation tool, the drop down menus are all blank. I assumed it was my firewall, but even after turning firewall off it's still the same. Do you know what the problem could be?


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