Chess Wars : A Medieval Fantasy (1996) PC FMV game

With many thanks to youtube user SchlossRitter , this video wouldn’t have been possible without his help.

Chess Wars: A Medieval Fantasy is a pretty obscure chess game from wizardworks very similiar to Battle chess and its likes with one notable difference , it uses FMV cutscenes instead of in-game animations for each captured piece. Not a true FMV game perhaps but it uses FMV cutscenes.

As in most chess programs, the player can change the board perspective and pieces between 2D and isometric 3D. Also got a tutorial with a live action actor giving you the tips.

This video shows a complete game (minus the opening FMV intro) between white and black. That black queen kind of reminds me of the evil queen from “Once upon a time” tv series.

For other FMV clips from this game , you can view them at


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9 thoughts on “Chess Wars : A Medieval Fantasy (1996) PC FMV game”

  1. Ok, the sequence at 5:41 tugged at my heartstrings, even though it technically shouldn`t. White Queen takes out Black Knight?
    And nice job playing this game, some of these FMVs are downright brutal.

  2. If you start a 3D board, rotate the board so that the black pieces are at the bottom, then do a castle move with the black king and rook and you'll see the black king do a Moonwalk to the rook's position. Just like Michael Jackson. Try it out.

  3. There was a comparability issue with the first release of the original double cd box set with high speed CD-rom's in 1995-6. A fix was sent out on in 1996, but is no longer available at This game was later released in a 2 CD case in 2001 with the fix. You original version will need to run in DOS compatibility mode and original video and sound drivers.


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