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The wild, the world of animals where only the strongest survives according to the law of the jungle!
A survival online action game that risks the lives of numerous animals.

In Wild Animals Online, you pick one from 20 different animals living in the wild, raise your character to the strongest animal by cooperating and competing with other players from all over the world, and survive in the wild.

You must survive from the competition with other wild animals and run away from animal hunting zombies who are chasing after you. Sometimes you also need to cooperate with other animals and participate in a large-scale battle to hunt gigantic monsters and dragons.

Will you be able to survive from the fight against numerous hostile animals, gigantic monsters, and zombie animals?


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41 thoughts on “Animals Action Game, Wild Animals Online Trailer Video”

  1. I bought a lion, a tiger and a polar bear but the animals are still locked. Give me the animals I paid for or return my money.

  2. 1Games could you possibly make a login for wao for the next update? That would be really nice since a lot of other games have logins

  3. Hello 1games, when update this game it got rid of everything, was wondering if you could do anything about it?

  4. Hey 1games please respond um I was gonna ask when's the donkey and the other coming soon animals gonna be here for Android iOS

  5. And I bought the cheetah lion in the crocodile and then whenever I got back on one year later the cheetah and The Lion and the crocodile aren't on there


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