And the Tiara Goes To: A Julie Albright Movie | Julie Albright | American Girl

At school, a beauty pageant is coming up, but basketball superstar Julie doesn’t think she’s the pageant type. That is until her mom shows her an article about a Miss America whose prize money paid for law school. Soon after, Julie signs up. She’s quickly embarrassed when Amanda, Alison and Angela mock her talent — fancy dribbling. Still, Julie remains true to herself, especially during the interview portion. She wins 1st Runner Up, but feels like the winner when her best friend Ivy reveals how Julie inspired her to think differently. #AmericanGirl #BeForever #JulieAlbright

Written by Lisa Kohn & directed by Melissa Hoppe. Selected in large measure on the power and beauty of her short film Stealth, Melissa Hoppe is a Student Emmy- and Humanitas Award-winning creative producer and storyteller, who is also experienced in line producing. Her look book revealed her thinking about the details in Julie’s room contrasted with Ivy’s room, while here treatment highlighted strong creative connections to Julie’s character and overarching storyline. Melissa comes from a finance, business, and theater background, and in addition to film, she produces and directs series for the web and TV. An American Girl fan since childhood, she’s been driven to empower girls since she began playing with Samantha at the age of 10. Melissa was a basketball player herself, accounting for the authenticity of Julie’s athletic scenes.

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About Julie Albright:
Julie is a BeForever doll from the 1970s. She likes school and hanging out with friends, and plays on the basketball team! She’ll take on any challenge. Sometimes, she takes on too much. But that’s OK—
everything will turn out groovy in the end.

About American Girl:
More than ever, it’s time to focus on how our girls are growing up. At American Girl, we believe in character. It defines who she’ll become: honest, confident, determined, and just…happy. For over 34 years, we’ve been a trusted guide on this journey—giving girls the inner strength to make a difference. Because being an American girl is learning who you are—and loving every part of it.

And the Tiara Goes To: A Julie Albright Movie | Julie Albright | American Girl


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