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Creative games and activities for children that will make them learn and have fun, always guided by our nice Caillou.

Learn with Caillou is an app for pre-school children (3 – 6 years old) with highly educational contents.

Learn with Caillou is organised in 5 educational apps:
– Numbers and Shapes
– Listening and Reading
– Nature and Objects
– Time and Sequences
– Direction and Space

Each app includes lots of games with an educational content.

Numbers & Shapes (47 maths exercises)
– Counting
– Matching amounts
– Reading numbers
– Understanding shape
– Understanding size-
– Building shape patterns
– Memory development

Listening & Reading (42 language exercises)
– The Alphabet
– Phonics & Simple Spelling
– Making Words
– Handwriting
– Reading Simple Words
– Building Vocabulary

Nature and Objects (47 exercises of the world around)
– The four seasons
– Animals
– Plants
– Materials
– Human body
– Living Things
– Nature
– Sorting objects

Time and Sequences (38 exercises of time and sequences)
– Calendars
– Ordering Events
– Comparing Past & Present
– Clocks
– Time
– Months
– Days of the Week

Direction and Space (38 exercises of direction and space)
– The Concept of Space
– Direction
– Symmetries
– Position
– Movement

In each of the apps, children will have fun playing with:

– Puzzles
– Memory games
– A catalogue of stickers
– A drawing notebook


– Games as the guiding thread for learning and reinforcement
– Development of concentration and skills
– An immediate answer about the completion of the exercise
– Motivation through an efficient awards system (stickers notebook)
– Children take part in their own learning process
– Immediate and real learning
– New resource accessible for the children
– Control of the child’s educational experience
– Children learn individually and by their own motivation

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