#7 Jumping Animation – Unity Tutorial

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– Unity Animations

In this video we get started on the jump animation. Physics will be in the next video.

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18 thoughts on “#7 Jumping Animation – Unity Tutorial”

  1. 00:00 dividing the animation
    03:17 importing animations
    05:34 updating/fixing previous code
    12:07 setting up the animator
    13:44 setting up transitions
    14:54 ForceTransition script
    17:31 ForceTransition ability
    18:55 more transitions..
    19:43 Landing script
    20:48 Landing ability
    21:38 fine-tuning animations
    24:07 fine-tuning landing

    In this video we get started on the jump animation. Physics will be in the next video.

    Bodyguards (Unity Asset Store):


    Files are available here:


    Download this project:


    Tutorial playlist:


    Any questions/comments? Join us on discord:


  2. Hey, first i got to say that your videos are awesome, it is hard to find usefull advanced unity tutorials like yours.

    I have a question:
    In the Jump_normal_Prep State you use a Bool Parameter to handle the transition.
    At End of the Script you set it to true and in the begining of the next State you set it to false. Is there a Reason why you do not use a Trigger Parameter for the Transition ?

    Thanks for your awesome Videos.

  3. great video! I like how you show the process of fine tuning and organizing with enums etc.. one question.. I didn't see, but can this char go from walking to jump? or does the char have to stop/goto idle first and then jump? if so, would you then make a transition from walking to jump?

  4. can you make a tutorial video about How to Holding Different Guns and Play Different guns holding and reloading animation (ex. assult, shotgun, sniper) while moving(walk, sprint, crouch, jump, prone, water swimming, driving) the character? this would be great if u made a Playlist about Third Person Shooter Loco Motion system.

  5. Hey Bear.

    I have three questions;

    1. When to use OnEnter, OnUpdate and OnExit? I mean for what purpose should we use them? I am trying to create my own animations and transitions, but i can't be fully sure which function i should use for setting the bools true or false.

    2. Let's say we are preparing an action, but we failed to complete the prep or all the conditions did not meet, so the action should be terminated and needed to go back to idle. How to set it? If it were just a simple yes/no if statement, i could have set the bool false and the action would have never been performed. But with your codes, i mean by adding "ability" objects, we can divide and add more conditions for actions. For example; we are trying to grab our enemy. We leaned forward to hold, if we succeed then we hold the enemy, but if we failed then only we shold be doing a mere grab-try and in the end nothing in hands. Then we should return to the idle state.

    3. And imagine, like playing the Cadillac and the Dinasours, after you grab you wan to do something else. Let's say you want to throw the enemy or before you throw you want to kick him in the stomach then throw or do another thing. Here, in all these actions, you have to hit separate keys.

    I hope i could explain it.

  6. These videos are fantastic! Thank you!

    One small thing, in KeyBoardInput.cs you can get rid off all the if and else blocks. Doing something like `VirtualInputManager.Instance.MoveRight = Input.GetKey(KeyCode.D)` has the same effect. The same applies in ManualInput.cs as well. Really cleans up those files and makes it less prone to error like the one in the video.

  7. I saw your tut, then i saw your sub count and i was a bit disappointed. It should be in six figures. Anyhow, Subbed! Also, can you tell me how i can i jump on nav mesh surface?

  8. This is brilliant. I like the way you show step by step what you are doing including fixing the code. I'm beginning to really appreciate what all goes into one game.

  9. This explains why 60fps is important by seeing adoption of the jump animation. By splicing the whole jumping action from the prep to the actual jump, given lower fps would have causes it to jerk I believe.


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