6 NEW ANIMAL SURVIVAL GAMES! Ancestors Humankind Odessey

so many new survival games but what ones give you a chance at playing a dino? ape? or shark? here is 6 new survival games you need to know about #maneater #ancestors #survival
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46 thoughts on “6 NEW ANIMAL SURVIVAL GAMES! Ancestors Humankind Odessey”

  1. I know I'm late 🤣 but as soon as he said Monkey for ancestors my phone ended up on the floor. I really don't understand why people don't understand the difference from Monkeys and Apes. Like A massive major clue is A TAIL 😂

  2. Dude I keep dying from freaking height because I suck at jumping from tree to tree because of my depth perception it stinks because I can only see through one eye it also makes it worse the fact that I’m not meant to be climbing in trees so playing as something that climbs in trees is a bit hard though I wish I could climb trees in real life but every time I try my skin gets all messed up from the tree bark I guess that’s what our hair was for as well preventing us from getting scrapes while we climbed on the rough tree bark

  3. More animal games need to come out I am desperate for more animal games I am sad that most games that come out or shooting games I don’t know why everybody cares so much about first person shooter games those games are fucking boring are you do is kill people for freaking stupid shit like getting more gear what’s so fun about stupid shooting games I want animal games or games like red dead redemption which yes it’s a shooting game but it has story to it and you can hunt and you can bong with your horse. Or like watchdogs two or infamous second son but I just really want animal games or needs to be more animal games I want to become a game developer just so I can make a game company that exclusively releases animal games because that’s how much I love animal games and animals in general

  4. Would also recommend Shelter and Shelter 2! You play as a mother badger and you have to protect your babies. Shelter 2 is the same but you play as a lynx with 4 cubs. You have to feed and protect them from dangers and natural disasters until they are adults. Both are open world games with lots of different areas to explore

  5. You forgot about Wolf Quest! If you wanna play a tealistic animal game, then that's the game for you! It's a game where you play as a wolf, and it's in early acces on Steam.

  6. isle is a great game. currently thare recoding the game and ppl should checkout the new trailer for the recode :3 its Called Hope on thare Yt channel

  7. Can you put the name of the games in the description? Also do you know of a recent game where you are a wolf (not werewolf) or something?

    Ancestor – ape game
    The ISLE – dino game
    Half of Titans – dino game
    Away – sugar glider game
    Maneater – shark game
    Biomutant – racoon game

    Lost Ember – Wolf Game (not in video)

  8. He gave The isle waaaay too much credit? Having a quest system? Factions? Ehh no. More like a troll system and chinese racists.

  9. there is no human aspect to the isle, and there won't be for a loooong time… the humans are very early in development and aren't currently being worked nor will be for as I said, a loooong time

  10. do love the idea of them changing survival games to making something a bit different, like the idea of this its different from everything else we all have in our games catalogue.. keep us updated bud can see me trying at least one of these..

  11. I’ll become an active subscriber if you took submissions for game ideas and then try to send them to game devs. I have so many ideas for good games but yet there are just almost next to no good Xbox games that have fun, balanced, co op. I would like to see some kid of traction for a new Aliens Vs Predator game alike the Xbox 360 one where we can play all three in campaign AND multiplayer! I loved that and would love to very much support that and other actual gamer idea games. Gamers ideas are much better than the game devs ideas imo.

  12. Oh I can't wait for Man Eater's release because I just know Jesse Cox will probably be pushed to play it. The guy's terrible scared of sharks, but his audience have gotten him to play other such games. So a great looking one like that should be amusing to see him play. Lol

    Although personally I'm most interested in Biomutant. I love post apocalyptic settings and this one with mutated animals being the main focus sounds very interesting.

  13. The Isle is great. I've played it a lot and love it. It's actually where I discovered Ark from other players, while playing The Isle.

  14. surviving as a creature see a bit limiting but I could be wrong. Ancestors looks OK and biomutant could be pretty cool. Quality update as always jade keep it up boi 👍

  15. Biomutant is already out for PS4 according to Google! If you Google it it can be purchased from numerous shops!


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