15 Best Wild West Games That Let You Play As A Gunslinger

Big, macho guys who took the untamed Wild West and the law into their own hands, and rocked the five-o’clock shadow like nobody’s business. There was a time not so long ago, when the John Waynes and the Clint Eastwoods dominated the anti-hero archetype and western gunslingers ruled the day.

Gaming has put us in the boots of many a good, bad and ugly gunslinger many, many times over. Saddle up and join us to celebrate a fistful of gunslingers, won’t you?




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36 thoughts on “15 Best Wild West Games That Let You Play As A Gunslinger”

  1. Pity ‘Call of Juarez:Gunslinger’ wasn’t higher placed but glad it made the list because I’ve put way more time into that game than RDR(which I love)trying to perfect my score/grade for every level and it NEVER gets old!

  2. I like how he claims "Gun was Red Dead Redemption before Red Dead Redemption, and before anyone knew what Red Dead Revolver was"
    Even though Red Dead Revolver came out the year before Gun, and plenty of people knew what it was since it was published by Rockstar. Ugh, this is why I can't stand Gamingbolt. They get basic facts wrong, and then they also have a bunch of clickbait videos. Like they'll make a video called "10 things [name of game] doesn't tell you!" and then literally EVERY single one is something the game explicitly tells you, oftentimes it'll even be something that was in the fucking tutorial. I don't know why I thought this video would fare much better

  3. Call of juarez gun slinger best game for crazy shootouts, I get so hyped playing that game all the time. Rdr 2 is a good but the shooting ain't as good as call of juarez:gunslinger.

  4. Are there any wild west zombie survival games. The only one I've ever seen was a add on for RDR1. I want to enjoy the thrill of surviving but with old style weapons.

  5. Bro Darkwatch was badass! My dad would randomly buy games for me and my brother when we were kids. All the games i played on ps2 were the best literally, nothing would top my PS2 days.

  6. Could you please, please, please stop saying "really unique". Unique means "one of a kind" and is therefore a binary condition. Something is either unique or it is not unique. Something cannot be 'very one of a kind'.

    Other than that, this was very enjoyable and very helpful. I almost couldn't get through it, though, because of your rather grating diction.


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